Our Story

KOLA started out as a small family company back in 1992, with the vision of becoming the best distribution company in the region with the best structure and state of the art software solutions, a real leader in introducing global novelties. Since the very beginning, KOLA has made quality its only measure of success.

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why us?

As a company that always looks to the future, we always use advanced information technologies in our work, in order to keep our leading position on the market. Since the very beginning, we have implemented state of the art ERP software (UPIS) supporting the overall operation of the company, which in itself contains B2B approach, cutting edge and tailor-made WMS adapted to our needs, operating on a First Expired First Out (FEFO) system.

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The entire distribution process is coordinated from a central warehouse in Skopje, involving on daily bases 39 cargo vehicles, of which 18 vans and 21 trucks. The capacity of the cargo vehicles ranges between 1,100kg and 10,000kg. This fleet enables efficient servicing of both small and big clients. Our 39 drivers make 5,100 km a day, and over 1,400,000 km a year. Over the course of a year, the KOLA LOGISTIKA fleet delivers 21,000 tonnes of commodities to 3,600 clients.


- Private Label -

Baduco in soybean oil 80gr.

Baduco in soybean oil 170 gr.

Baduco 185 gr.

Baduco 95 gr.

Baduco sardine in oil 125 gr.

Baduco sardine in tomato sauce
125 gr.

Baduco sardine with chili 125 gr.

Bungee - Milk

Bungee - Hazelnut

Super Pire



Kacanicki pat 254
Skopje 1000
R. North Macedonia
Telephone: +389 2 265 6770
E-mail: info@kola.com.mk


Division Manager

Irena Djerkov (irena@kola.com.mk)

KA Manager

Goran Angelovski (gangelovski@kola.mk)

LKA Manager

Momchilo Popovik (momcilo@kola.com.mk)

TT Manager

Aleksandar Grozdanovski (aleksandar.grozdanoski@kola.com.mk)


Division Manager

Keti Angelkovska (keti@kola.com.mk )

KA Manager

Vlatko Mandichevski (vmandicevski@kola.com.mk)

LKA Manager

Dimitar Tasev (taki@kola.com.mk)


Division Manager

Bojan Leshoski (bojan@kola.com.mk)

KA Manager

Ljupcho Nestorovski (ljupco@kola.com.mk)

LKA Manager

Marjan Gjonda (marjan@kola.com.mk)

TT Manager

Boban Jakovchevski (boban@kola.com.mk)


Division Manager

Hristijan Djalev (hristijan@kola.com.mk)

Client Services Assistant

Aleksandar Proshev (aprosev@kola.com.mk)

HENKEL (Total Plus Logistik)

Division Manager

Goran Ilijevski (goran@totalplus.com.mk)

KA Manager

Blagoj Gjorgjiev (blagoj@totalplus.com.mk)

LKA + TT Manager

Aleksandar Staic (staik@totalplus.com.mk)

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